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As part of our CSR initiatives, we have embarked on several community activities. 

Garage Sale of Plants 9/10 Apr 2022

Video shows a sneak peek of our garage sale of plants. 100% of sales proceeds was donated to the rebuilding fund of Melrose Home, a home for children and youths with adverse family circumstances and child protection issues.

We had a wonderful 2 day event and the opportunity to meet many new friends and connect with old friends. We are truly grateful to all our volunteer plant -parents who propagated and sponsored their plants.

Mother's Day 2021 & 2022

We had the opportunity to bless these youths who gave their mothers our sponsored Mother's Day gifts. These youths were once beneficiaries of the Famchamp initiative by Focus on the Family and they are now mentors to younger youths.

We are thankful to our sponsor who initiated this Mother's Day blessings and it has given us much joy in making these gifts.


Pandemic 2020

245 3-ply masks were sewn by our volunteers and donated to a primary school.

The galaxy fabric was chosen as the theme of the school was "Dare to scale and soar".


During the start of the pandemic in 2020, disposable masks were in limited supply and they were also not environmentally friendly. When our government started giving out free reusable masks, they were only of adult sizes. So we asked for volunteers to help with sewing children's sized masks.


We are grateful to our sponsors who sowed the love and volunteers who sewed with love.

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