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Welcome to Upmart!

A member of raiSE, Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise.

Our mission is to be a platform for like-minded individuals who love to handcraft, sew and upcycle 

and who believe in sustainability and waste reduction.

As we do not exist only for ourselves, we work with and donate part of our sales proceeds to charity.

This year, we are giving between 12% to 25% of sales proceeds to

Focus on the Family Singapore, Children's Aid Society and 5miles Ltd.


The idea of starting this social enterprise came about when its founder, Diana Ong received a few old crystal chandeliers that were donated to her to raise funds for her charity's beneficiaries.

She made several ornaments and jewellery pieces such as necklaces and earrings by adding new

Swarovski crystals to the old, thus upcycling the chandelier parts into

wearable and attractive products.


With the support of friends and customers,

we are constantly developing and expanding our catalogue of handmade products.

Since the registration of the business on 8 Nov 2019,

we have over 100 designs now, including both new and upcycled products.

Upcycled parts are indicated in the descriptive details of the product.

All (except one; mask filters import from China) our products are

handmade with love by our own artists, designers, crafters and sewers.

Our constant challenge is to find an equilibrium between economic value and social value;

to strike a balance of profitability and social impact.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to your support.

We welcome collaborations, feedback and suggestions!


Please submit any requests, queries, concerns or feedback about our handmade products in the space below along with your name and email address.

Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us at +65 97685086.

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